As the covid-19 global medical crisis hit with the associated financial consequences of job layoffs and businesses forced to either close, scale back or move some of the workforce into working from home, it would be fair to think the world as we know it was coming to a crashing halt, and to a larger degree this certainly has been the case but, and there is a big but in here..

To my and many others astonishment, some including marine businesses are having the best months on record since their businesses began. I won’t go into any specific details but one business owner I personally know has stated that during this time of lock down, his business has been sensational so I am wondering if any others in the industry are having the same experience. Please leave a comment below.

As another example most of us coffee drinkers know of lots of our local coffee shops keeping the doors open by re-inventing the way they conduct business. My local has been doing an exceptional job and in my observation when things recover to some sort of normality, they may choose to keep doing business in this way as it has saved them a lot of time and money.

I have a mantra that goes like this “in every negative there is a positive, you just have to find it and act on it” this is what the coffee shop has done and like so many other businesses the old way of doing business may have worked for years but now is a great time to reinvent how we do business for a new future.

Take a look at how we have been displaying boats to the public in a once per year show. We can’t do that anymore and it may be like this for years to come if a vaccine isn’t found, so we have come up with a new way of getting marine products to the consumer and its more effective and a lot cheaper than the old way. It reaches a much wider group every week and saves lots of time, hassle and money.

Talk to us and we will show you how we can save you a lot of headache.