When restrictions ease in the months ahead and we are permitted to move about our state or country again, Aussies will have no choice but to holiday at home. Taking that overseas trip will be off the agenda for quite some time. Qantas estimate up to three years before we get back to some sort of international travel normality.

In the meantime, holidays at home are on the agenda in a big way, now is the opportunity for holiday resorts & boating to get in on the act. People are busting to get out of home and they certainly will in a stampede, the likes of which we have never seen before.

While Covid has been a major detractor in every which way, it has caused many businesses to re-invent themselves and the way they do business. The holiday at home scenario is right now playing into the hands of our tourist destinations and there’s no reason boating holidays can’t take a big slice of that pie. It could come in the form of a charter or a couple buying a first boat or family upgrading and choosing to head for that ideal beach hideaway.

The key to this new kingdom is letting the masses know about the possibilities and opportunities on offer and I don’t use that word key lightly. It’s the single most important part and more often than not, either forgotten about altogether or the advertising fails to hit the mark due to not targeting the correct part of the market in the right way at the critical time.

Many businesses today fall for the trap of thinking that a social media campaign alone is the magic bullet. Let me assure it’s not. While social media has its place, it’s not the ideal way of placing a left field idea like boating as a holiday choice in front of a mass population of 25 million. To be great at social takes dedication, lots of experience, time and money and don’t expect immediate results unless you have that killer deal and an established large following to promote it to.

If you’re after close to immediate results in a large market stick to traditional large format media like TV or radio with a call to action message and supplement it with social posts to those that have liked or follow you.

We have a population with lots wanting a holiday, so do you know which ones are your target? For a social campaign to work well, you need to drill them down to a targeted demographic-based campaign, whereas in mainstream media you will have a much larger reach, be more immediate and end up costing less per conversion.

The Boat Show.tv sales team have signed up several charter & boating time-share companies eager to promote their wares and capture those wanting a holiday with a difference. Some who are taking early bookings have found that many have never done boating before. We spoke to one couple who said “we normally take a trip to Bali or Thailand but thought why don’t we do something different and try a boating holiday”.

We have a county peppered with adventurers, some hit the road exploring our land while others travel the world. For a while at least, that world means right here in Australia and like the people above, many are ready to try something different.

There has never been a better time to promote the marine lifestyle to this captive market. The question remains. Will the marine market grasp this once in a hundred-year opportunity or let it slide? Time will tell.

Talk to one of our sales team and get your promotion underway.