About us

Over 14 years the Lennox Media Group made and broadcast over 300 episodes of the popular fishing & boating TV series River to Reef.
We know boating, the industry and how to get customers into showrooms. Over this time River to Reef was responsible for the sale of millions of dollars worth of marine products. If you doubt this just ask our past sponsors.
In 2015/17 & 18 producer & Lennox owner Phillip Harris was the media and advertising agent for the Melbourne Boat Show. Phillip’s proven track record of attendance growth each year with a higher quality of boat buying visitors is a testament to how well we know the marine industry and its customers.
The fact is, traditional boat shows rely on getting customers to the event. Now we want to take marine products to the customer while cutting the huge costs marine manufacturers and dealers pay to attend traditional boat show exhibitions.
We are moving The Boat Show into Australian living rooms across the nation and onto devices across the world.
The promotion of boating and brands to the wider general public is something that has been sadly missing from the marine industry, With industry support we aim to change that.
With over 30 years behind the camera Executive Producer Phillip Harris has filmed River to Reef, hundreds of tv commercials plus worked for the ABC, SBS, 7, 9, 10, Sky UK, BBC & CNN as well as making multiple documentaries, creating beautiful images that tell the story is second nature.

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