For the first time in modern boat show history all the planned events for 2020 have been cancelled. So, what does this mean for those wanting to get up close and personal with the manufacturers and boating retailers?

This answer is quite simple, at this time you can’t. Anyone looking at buying a new boat must do their research on-line and visit a dealer when you can. Pre-covid you could go to one of the big expos and see a vast range of models from many dealers and brands.

So, is there a workable solution to the problem for buyers and sellers?

Various marine industry bodies have come up with what they think might help the situation by holding virtual boat shows. While the idea does have some merit it’s not a solution for actually being there, and that situation isn’t going to change anytime soon. We actually visited a virtual show and were very disappointed. Sure the graphics were good but it was just a chat site with a sales person on the other end.

Here at while we don’t have the perfect solution, we have come up with a way of answering most of the common question’s exhibitors face from visitors in a television way. We are taking boats onto the water and giving detailed reviews about the uses, features and options from a range of brands and models. Our reviews are conducted by those who know boating and the common questions that require answers. A by-product of is for the very first time boating as a lifestyle choice will finally have some wide spread mainstream media exposure, something the industry bodies fail to grasp the concept of.

In no way is TV or a virtual show ever going to replace actually touching or standing in the many boats on display, however a TV version of a boat show has to be 1000 per cent better than the crappy virtual show we attended.